Your Recovery Starts with a Physical Exam

Posted on: June 12, 2018

physical exam

Scheduling a physical exam with a doctor once a year is a very wise idea. There are many benefits to visiting a physician on a regular basis and is the best way to determine if a person is struggling with any health issues, known or unknown.

Information online is incomplete

With there being a lot of information available online it can be tempting for patients to conduct a Google search of their symptoms and try to self-diagnose. The biggest problem with this is that the information online is incomplete. It does not take into consideration other health problems, how one issue could be impacting another, or the best course of treatment. It would be like looking at a small corner of a painting and taking a guess of what the art was all about. The assumption could be right, but it could also be wrong.

Plus, any diagnosis would be incomplete without accurate information such as the specifics that can be gathered through a blood test, checking blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other factors aside from the acute symptoms.

Do you want an incomplete recovery?

For anyone who wants a full recovery or to live life with the best possible health, incomplete information will not suffice. Instead, it is crucial to gain a complete picture of one's health, understand how various factors play together and the best way to improve overall health going forward.

This complete information can only be obtained and confirmed by visiting a doctor for a physical exam and blood work. The data gathered during the exam and tests help us to understand what is happening with the patient's health and make recommendations that are specific to them, rather than generalizations which are done when self-diagnosing.

Who should schedule a physical exam?

We believe that all adults can benefit from scheduling an annual exam. These examinations allow us to do two things.

1. Create a baseline of health information for the patient.

By visiting our office every year, we can track things like blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This gives us the opportunity to determine what is normal for a particular patient and to identify when something is concerning because it does not follow the typical patterns of the individual patient. We cannot create this baseline of personal health information if we only see a patient when they come down with the flu or strep throat. It requires being consistent in scheduling an annual exam.

2. Diagnose health problems

It is essential to diagnose and treat health problems as soon as they arise. Doing so can sometimes cause issues to reverse course and prevent them from getting worse. For example, we can diagnose things like high cholesterol and treat it so that a patient is not at an increased risk of developing heart disease and suffering a life-altering attack. At these appointments it is the right time to bring up all health problems, questions, and concerns. We can provide information, answer questions and put the puzzle pieces together to determine what is impacting a patient's health.

All adults can benefit from the above. Still, there are certain situations that should prompt scheduling an exam. These include:

  • Having difficulty breathing
  • Excessive weight gain or loss
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Feeling faint or dizzy
  • Sores or rashes that do not go away
  • Pain for no known reason
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling weak
  • Constantly getting sick

During the physical exam we can help to determine what could be causing the symptoms and then recommend a treatment plan.

Visit our office today

In the end, scheduling an annual physical exam helps patients to live in the best possible health. It also gives us the ability to create a baseline of health information that makes it easier to diagnose problems going forward. Finally, these regular exams allow us to help prevent future health problems like heart disease. We invite you to schedule one by calling our office today!

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