What Happens During a Physical Exam?

You should consider visiting a doctor at least once a year for a physical exam. The purpose of this checkup is to make sure that you are in excellent health, plus it is a preventive measure that allows the doctor … Continued

Visit a Same Day Doctor for Unexpected Illnesses

How do you know when you should visit a same day doctor? What is the difference between a same day doctor and a primary care provider? With more and more options for healthcare emerging each day, it can be difficult … Continued

Guide for Treating a UTI at an Urgent Care

You can stop the pain and annoyance of a UTI at an urgent care facility. A urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria find their way into the urinary tract, where they begin to cause pain and discomfort. Usually, a UTI … Continued

Visiting an Urgent Care for Illness Treatment

Urgent care clinics are a convenient resource due to being open outside normal work hours, including weekends. As such, urgent care clinics are common places to go for illness treatment as they are able to provide routine care and carry … Continued

10 Reasons Patients Visit Us for Urgent Care

As a provider of urgent care, we treat patients who need immediate medical services. Families visit us from throughout the area when they're sick, injured or worried about their health and want quick care that does not require a visit … Continued

5 Pneumonia Symptoms That Should Be Taken Seriously

Pneumonia is a painful illness that should be taken seriously. If you suffer from pneumonia symptoms, it is important to seek immediate care in order to receive an accurate diagnosis and receive the proper treatment, which typically involves antibiotics and … Continued

UTI: Tips for Treatment and Prevention

Anyone who has ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI) knows how miserable it can make you. When it comes to these types of health issues, prevention is always better than having it treated. UTIs are more common in women, … Continued

The 3 Main Types of Influenza

Influenza, also known as the flu, can be a horrible illness to experience, leaving you completely bedridden and unable to go to work, interact socially or sleep comfortably. By being able to distinguish the difference between influenza A, B, and … Continued

Where Can I Go for Immediate Care?

Waking up feeling terrible, getting into an accident or having a kid be sent home sick from school can all create the need for immediate care. Unfortunately, when it comes to doctors, it can be difficult to know whom to … Continued

Sports Injuries Demand Urgent Medical Care

If you or one of your children is injured while playing sports, visit our office for urgent medical care. Very often, sports injuries do not reach the level that they require a trip to the hospital emergency room. Instead, they … Continued