5 Pneumonia Symptoms That Should Be Taken Seriously

Pneumonia is a painful illness that should be taken seriously. If you suffer from pneumonia symptoms, it is important to seek immediate care in order to receive an accurate diagnosis and receive the proper treatment, which typically involves antibiotics and … Continued

UTI: Tips for Treatment and Prevention

Anyone who has ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI) knows how miserable it can make you. When it comes to these types of health issues, prevention is always better than having it treated. UTIs are more common in women, … Continued

The 3 Main Types of Influenza

Influenza, also known as the flu, can be a horrible illness to experience, leaving you completely bedridden and unable to go to work, interact socially or sleep comfortably. By being able to distinguish the difference between influenza A, B, and … Continued

Where Can I Go for Immediate Care?

Waking up feeling terrible, getting into an accident or having a kid be sent home sick from school can all create the need for immediate care. Unfortunately, when it comes to doctors, it can be difficult to know whom to … Continued

Sports Injuries Demand Urgent Medical Care

If you or one of your children is injured while playing sports, visit our office for urgent medical care. Very often, sports injuries do not reach the level that they require a trip to the hospital emergency room. Instead, they … Continued

Your Recovery Starts with a Physical Exam

Scheduling a physical exam with a doctor once a year is a very wise idea. There are many benefits to visiting a physician on a regular basis and is the best way to determine if a person is struggling with … Continued

Why Patients Visit us for Emergency Medical Care During the Summer

Summer is almost here and with it comes an increased need for emergency medical care. Many people think about visiting the doctor for emergencies related to having the flu or other winter type illnesses. However, during the summer, people are … Continued

Reasons to Visit a Health Clinic in Tampa While on Vacation

Visit our health clinic in Tampa if you become sick or injured on vacation. We love living in sunny Florida and having our health clinic here. As Florida residents, we get to enjoy the sunshine and beaches year-round. Because of … Continued

Visit Our Low Cost Medical Clinic in Tampa for Seasonal Allergies

As a low-cost medical clinic in Tampa, we treat patients who are suffering from a variety of health conditions, including seasonal allergies. Many of our patients have no health insurance or they have limited health insurance and are hesitant to … Continued

Our Approach to Care in Our Medical Center near Tampa

In our medical center near Tampa, we make it possible for families to receive the medical help they need in a convenient location. We understand that when patients visit us, they are coming with a health problem that needs to … Continued