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Doctor Affordable Medical Clinic

At Doctor Affordable Medical Clinic, we offer patients the medical care they need, when they need it. We offer affordable treatment without having to sit in a waiting room for hours on end. We can help patients receive the primary, urgent and medical care they need when they walk into our clinic.

At the Doctor Affordable Medical Clinic, we can ensure that patients will receive the care they need in a comforting atmosphere. Appointments are not necessary, however, it is recommended.

We are currently accepting new patients at our two convenient locations:

Tampa Office
12811 N Nebraska Ave, Unit I
Tampa, FL 33612

(813) 337-0108
Zephyrhills Office
5720 Gall Blvd Suite 5
Zephyrhills, FL 33542

(813) 359-8490

Our Team

Our team at Doctor Affordable Medical Clinic has the necessary skills and training to treat a variety of health issues in children to adults. Our team can provide affordable and efficient care whenever the patient walks in our door. Under the direction of Dr. Muthalakuzhy, our team continues to treat patients in same day appointments and flexible hours. Dr. Muthalakuzhy is a Board Certified Internist and Nephrologist who began practicing in 2003. Since then, he continues to provide quality care at affordable rates. From the moment patients walk in the door, our team will have a calm and patient demeanor. Patients will be able to feel comfortable in the waiting room and relax during the appointment. Our team understands that waiting at the emergency room several hours for an appointment is stressful and that waiting at an urgent care for at least half of that time can be just as stressful. Thus, our team can help to ease the stress and ensure that the patient receives the necessary care right away.

Our Services

Our services range from regular checkups and physicals to blood testing and X-rays. While we provide urgent care and treatment, we do not treat medical emergencies. If a patient is in an accident and is bleeding out, then the patient needs to seek a hospital. However, if a patient falls during a sport and hurts his or her arm, then we can arrange X-rays and determine if treatment is necessary. We can also offer primary care for families on a regular basis. This way, parents do not need to take their children to a different center for treatment. As a walk-in clinic, we are used to people showing up without an appointment. We also strive to make our services efficient and affordable for patients. If you are in need of immediate care, then give us a call or stop by our clinic today.

Patient Information

Upon walking into our clinic, we will need each patient to fill out a Patient Information Form that covers the patient’s medical history, current condition and any allergies the patient has. Once we have all of this information, we will examine the patient and determine the cause of presenting problem. We will then administer the most effective form of treatment. In some cases, the patient may need to return to our clinic in a few days for a follow-up treatment. While we are a walk-in clinic and do not require appointments, we can schedule follow-up appointments as necessary. For many families, getting a last-minute appointment with a family doctor can be difficult. Fortunately, we do not require an appointment ahead of time and treat patients of varying ages from child to adult. To make the visit even faster, patients can fill the information form out online prior to coming in. For more information, read through our website or give us a call.